Training and fees

East Lothian Divers

A branch of the Scottish Sub Aqua Club


Our training is specifically designed for diving in Northern UK waters and incorporates rescue and first-aid training, even at Sport Diver level.

The ScotSAC training schedule is designed to allow all swimmers who are reasonably competent in the water to qualify to at least the basic Sport Diver level. By competent, we do not mean that you must be able to swim for miles, or even be a fast swimmer. All that is required is that you be comfortable with yourself whilst in the water.

Initially, your first test is the basic swimming test which will take approximately 30-45 minutes, followed by basic snorkel training to allow you to get use to wearing fins and a mask.

After the basic snorkel training, and prior to starting SCUBA training, the club requires that trainees take out membership of ScotSAC and complete a medical questionnaire, which is the standard UK Sport Diver Medical. All forms are provided to the new member on joining the club.

During the SCUBA Training phase, you will undertake a series of exercises and tests, designed to acquaint you with the equipment and dive safety. You will simultaneously have a series of lectures on Diving Theory, culminating in a final exam.

Once the pool training is completed, you will then proceed to the Open Water Training Phase where you actually start diving and, on completion of basically the same exercises and tests as your Pool Training you will be a fully qualified Sport Diver, will able to dive anywhere in the world.

Training fees

To cover pool rental, air fills and equipment, all trainees are required to pay an initial fee of £215.00 to the club, which includes the full first year of your Branch membership.


Please remember that unlike some organisations, you do not pay for the actual training. Branch training personnel freely give their own time and are happy to train people who want to learn to dive.


All trainees and club members are required to be a member of ScotSAC - membership for the first year is currently £75.00 and then £55.00 for each subsequent year. 

You can get further information on ScotSAC from their website

Annual club membership fees

The maintenance of the branch boat and equipment is funded via an agreed annual membership fee set at the branch AGM. This this is currently £125.00. And is due by the 1st April each year.

This allows for servicing and upgrading to the club's property. All funds raised by East Lothian Divers, whether through fees, fund raising or other sources are used by the club to provide better services to the members, allowing a great variety of diving to be undertaken, for all members, of all standards.

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